Bennie Barwick Named Environmental Steward Winner

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) has recognized Bennie Barwick for his operation’s outstanding environmental practices with its Environmental Steward Award.

During the Council’s annual Pork Conference held in Raleigh, Barwick was honored in recognition of the efforts made at the BW Barwick Sow Farm located near Warsaw. This is a 3,400-sow, farrow-to-wean farm. It has been under contract with Murphy-Brown LLC for 20 years.

Nominated for the award by Kraig Westerbeek, the BW Barwick Farm utilizes a single-cell anaerobic treatment lagoon to treat and store manure prior to land application. The treated manure is ultimately used as a fertilizer source for 115 acres of coastal Bermuda grass. Most of the available protective technologies are in use at the Barwick operation and there has never been an environmental violation issued to the farm.

The system used on the Barwick farm is a continuous grass system which works to minimize erosion. Buffers are maintained around fields to capture any soil erosion. Water usage is monitored by a 12-person staff and the farm utilizes timers and misters in the sow barns, reducing water waste.

The NCPC Environmental Steward Award is in place to annually recognize a N.C. pork producer who excels in on-farm environmental stewardship. The NCPC Environmental Stewards program is similar to a national program; both the state and national programs focus on manure management, soil conservation, water conservation, wildlife habitat, air quality and public relations.

The awards program also allows industry leaders to promote environmental excellence among all pork producers and to make the public and lawmakers aware of the proactive measures that producers are already making to protect the environment.

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