Join Us for Go Wayne Go

— Written By Christine Smith and last updated by Kim Davis

Want to be in on the ground floor of a new health initiative in WayneCounty? Join with family, friends and neighbors to help make WayneCounty a healthier place to live. What am I talking about? GoWayneGo is a new health initiative being kicked off at the Paramount Theater in September. The first scheduled event is Tuesday, September 10th from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.; the second is Wednesday, September 11th from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Why the push to start a health initiative in WayneCounty? According to the GoWayneGo task force:

  • Nearly 75% of Wayne County adults are overweight or obese.
  • Over 30% of WayneCounty adults do not participate in any physical activity in a normal week. Currently WayneCounty is tied in 13th place in inactivity.

 What are the goals for GoWayneGo?

  • To collectively lose a MILLION pounds by May of 2015. A million pounds, that sounds unreachable; however, if every resident in Wayne County lost just 10 pounds, this would total a million pounds.
  •  We want to get Wayne County residents moving and making better nutritional decisions. We will start out targeting our sedentary lifestyles, getting people moving and exercising.
  • To have a healthier community which means a better quality of life, more productive work force, and lower health care costs.

GoWayneGo has already set up a Facebook page with a website to launch on September 1st, Both websites will have information, resources and how you can take the pledge to participate in this healthy incentive.

GoWayneGo has developed a brand and logo with t-shirts bearing the memorable “5-3-2-1-0” reminder. These numbers represent daily goals to reach each day – 5 fruits and vegetable, 3 balanced meals, 2 hours of TV/electronics maximum, 1 hour of exercise and 0 sugary drinks.

This project is a joint venture with many local community and government agencies: Goldsboro Pediatrics, Goldsboro Parks & Recreation, The YMCA, N.C. Cooperative Extension, WATCH, Wayne County Health Department, Wayne Memorial Hospital, Seymour Johnson AFB, WISH, United Way(ne), Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and Wayne County Public Schools. This problem is too big and too important for just one organization to tackle which is why the GoWayneGo task force was developed.

Mark you calendar to join us for the GoWayneGo kickoff on September 10th & 11th. You will be making a positive change in your life; be sure to bring family members, friends and neighbors. Beginning a healthier lifestyle begins by taking that first step; get out your walking shoes and join us.

Thought to ponder:

 “You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” ~ Wayne Dyer

 “The difference in winning or losing is most often … not quitting.” ~ Walt Disney

Christine Smith is an Extension Agent in the department of Family & Consumer Sciences with N.C. Cooperative Extension, NCSU, Wayne County. Information on other services available can be found online at or call me at 731-1525 for additional information.