Attention Animal Waste Operators

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Just a few reminders as the end of the year gets closer:

1) Your $10 renewal fees are due December 31, 2014 to keep your animal waste certification valid. Call DWR at 919-807-6353.

2) Sludge surveys must be done every year and irrigation calibrations must be done every other year. Soil testing on animal waste fields must be done every three years. *Please call the extension office at (919) 731-1525 if you have any questions or need a sludge survey and/or calibration done!!*

3) The new state general permits went into effect on October 1, 2014.

4) Animal Waste Operators must complete 6 hours of continuing education credits every 3 years. Consult your DWR invoice or call the extension office if you have questions about your hours.

Animal Waste Classes for 2014:

October 30: 9-4:30 p.m. Duplin County. Call Wanda Hargrove (910-296-2143) to register. 6 hours

November 5: 9-4 p.m. Sampson County. Call Patricia Burch (910-592-7161) to register. 6 hours

November 6: 9-4 p.m. Jones County. Call Regina Gardner (252-448-9621) to register. 6 hours

November 20: 9-4 p.m. Lenoir County. Call Eve Honeycutt (252-527-2191) to register. 6 hours

November 25: 5:30 p.m. Wilson County. Call 252-237-0111 for more information about the Wilson Pork Conference. No pre-registration required. 3 hours

December 4: 9-4 p.m. Greene County. Call Eve Honeycutt (252-747-5831) to register. 6 hours