Life Is Speaking to You

— Written By Christine Smith and last updated by Kim Davis

Okay as promised here are the most salient points I wanted to share with you from “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend”. This was truly a life changing experience for me. It gave me an opportunity to expand my mind, open my heart and listen to the whispers. As your life nudges you to live… to walk boldly on your own life’s path I trust these points will help you to get started living your best life.

Be Authentic. Trust Your Capabilities. We live in a world where we are so accustomed to trying to live up to others ideas of beauty and happiness. We have forgotten what is like to just be comfortable in our own skin. True happiness starts with loving yourself just as you are. The authentic you is much more beautiful, talented and powerful than anything you could fabricate.

Authentic people have the courage to be imperfect—and vulnerable. There is an underlining belief that they are fundamentally worthy of love and acceptance, just as they are. Kevin Cashman said it best, “Trust your story, trust your capabilities, do your best. Don’t look for the validation to be the gift. Authenticity is the gift. Purpose is the gift.”

There are time we may wrestle with shame and not being good enough or when the joy is so intense that we’re afraid to let ourselves feel it. Brené Brown, PhD, author of Daring Greatly said, “It’s these moments in life that demand we show up—that we let go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are.

Discover Your Purpose. Every life is a platform. Become a star in your own life. In order to do that you must identify your calling and purpose. Do not go through life living it in a comatose state. Life requires that you be present. You are on this earth for a reason. You are not a mistake. Take time to find that something that brings you joy and fulfillment. Get still and listen to your inner voice. Dig deep to discover what motivates and inspires you to keep pushing forward. Nothing you have been gifted with should be kept to yourself. The key is to use what you have, at whatever stage you are to shift the paradigm of your work to service. Your life is validated through your service to mankind. What is your passion? Passion and purpose go hand in hand. If you do things that you are authentically passionate about it will lead you to discover your purpose.

Listen to the Whispers. Life is always speaking to you so pay attention. A whisper is that little quite voice that we often ignore or suppress. What’s really important to recognize is that you have all the answers within yourself. Things will always come to you in a whisper, especially doing trials and tribulations. If you don’t pay attention to the pebble, you will eventually have to deal with the brick. By the time the brick shows up you are in a crisis. This could have been avoided if you had listened to the whisper and fixed the problem.

Keep Your Energy Vibration High.  You are responsible for the energy you bring. Each of us is an energy field. Your number one challenge in life is to keep that vibration high. You have POWER in your own energy field. You have no power in a territory that is not you own. Your full power comes only in your territory. You have a finite amount of time and a finite amount of energy. Too many people are operating in other people’s energy fields and territories where you don’t have power. You only have power in your own. Whenever you try to control other people you are out of order and you cannot succeed. The greatest power that anyone has is their ability to love. You must intentionally choose to love. The good news is that everyday we get a new chance to choose love over hate, jealousy, and envy.

Isaac Newton said, “For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction”. What ever you put out will come back to you. In other words, what you do unto other will come back to you. Haters, the energy of hate is coming back to you. If you put out love – it’s coming back.

Choose to be Excellent. Choose to be the captain your destiny. I challenge you to be the master of your fate, the captain of you soul, and to be EXCEELLENT at it. Strive daily to have everything that your hand touch be excellent. My wish for each of you is to live life to the truest and highest expression of yourself. Pursuing what you love will fuel focus, resilience, and perseverance.

Set sail on a new journey today to live to the fullest. Your life will begin to change immediately.

Meet me here again next week for my final farewell message.

Thought to Ponder

“When you know better you do better”. Maya Angelou

Christine Smith, M.S., is an Extension Agent in the department of Family & Consumer Sciences with N.C. Cooperative Extension, NCSU, Wayne County. Information on other services available can be found online at or call me at 731-1525 for additional information.