PEDv-Free Status?

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Adapted from PEDv Resources (Pork Checkoff) article entitled “How to verify PEDV-negative status after the virus is eliminated on a farm.”

While we have seen some decrease in the number of PEDv cases reported throughout the summer, the advent of fall brings new risks. Don’t “fall” into bad habits!! The cooler, wet weather seems to be the ideal time for this disease to spread. Remember, this virus only affects pigs so there are no human health risk…the risks are just to our wallets.

Biosecurity is extremely important for the containment and prevention of any disease. Once you have taken the necessary steps and believe your herd to be PEDv-free (PEDv-negative), there are some things you can do to verify this status on your farm.

Testing of replacement animals:

  • Have to test replacement animals, otherwise you may just be reintroducing the disease to your herd
  • Test animals after they have been commingled with your sows for at least 30 days
  • PCR testing of feces
  • Oral fluid testing
  • Bleed 30 gilts a month for blood testing for 4 consecutive months

Expect them to be negative (if you have a PEDv-free herd like you think)

Testing of suckling piglets:

  • Select piglets most likely to still be shedding the virus. i.e. if they look sick, have diarrhea, etc.
  • Fecal samples
  • PCR test at least 12 pooled specimens per month

After a minimum of 4 months, if all testing comes back negative, you can consider the PEDV to be eliminated from your herd. Make sure you continue to work on biosecurity measures and a PEDV monitoring program to ensure that you remain disease free.

Contact your extension office with any questions you may have regarding swine management, PEDV, or other livestock concerns.